I Didn't Think It Was Possible - 30 by 40 - Canvas

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30 inches tall by 40 inches wide canvas. Mixed media.

How many times a day do we decide something is not possible and we don't even think about asking for something different. After all, we are adults, right?
Lately, I have decided to look for all the things that are "normal" right now that a few years ago would have been impossible. Asking my lights to turn on out loud and have them actually turn on was stuff from sci-fi movies yet I just did it!
Sides of the painting are 1.5 inches and also painted!

What's a message from God?

Sophie Michèle wants you to know

Each piece of art you will receive from this work will be accompanied by a message that Sophie Michèle will receive for you. These messages are life affirming, encouraging and they relate to the painting you have chosen. When you purchase a piece from Sophie Michèle, you don't just embellish your home or office, you also bring the Divine into your space.