Crossing The Lines - Canvas - 24 by 30 inches

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Our minds love to go linear, to make sense of things, and to remove all emotions to get to the facts. But we have all learned that even the facts can lie...

The rest of us, our hearts, our souls communicate in very different ways, through color, shape, and movement. 

This 24 by 30 inches piece will push your mind to go beyond its own boundaries. It is perfect for an office, a meeting room or a background for a Zoom meeting!

What's a message from God?

Sophie Michèle wants you to know

Each piece of art you will receive from this work will be accompanied by a message that Sophie Michèle will receive for you. These messages are life affirming, encouraging and they relate to the painting you have chosen. When you purchase a piece from Sophie Michèle, you don't just embellish your home or office, you also bring the Divine into your space.