Who is Sophie Michèle and how does she paint?

After a career in various creative fields, Sophie Michèle decided to take art classes to explore yet another aspect of her multi-faceted talents. She signed up for the “Better Than Art School” online program and picked up a paint brush.
Sophie graduated from the prestigious USC School of Cinema and went on to produce live events such as the 3 Tenors concert in her home city of Paris, France and the opening gala of the Hollywood Bowl. Curious about other artistic expressions, she became a stand up comedian and moved to New York.
Family life brought her to North Carolina where she supported other artists at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Her role as a supporter became her primary activity as an international coach and motivational speaker.
Today she paints vibrant, joyful mixed media works from her studio in Pasadena, California while raising two teenage daughters.

Below is a video that describes Sophie Michèle's process:

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