Start With The End In Mind

When I have a fresh new canvas in front of me I have two choices. I can either wonder what needs to go where, which will often lead to many different drafts, some anxiety and in general a feeling of wasting my time. 

Or I can ask myself how do I want to feel when I look at the finished piece? 

If you start anything from the end, from the place where you want to be (the feeling, the weight loss, the soulmate, the financial freedom, the health, etc) you will start seeing solutions, answers or in my case colors, that you could not think about if you started from the white canvas, the sadness, the extra weight, the loneliness or the bills piling up. 

This is what many people call a vision. When you hold the vision in your mind, you open your mind to the ways it can occur. Things that you cannot see from where you are right start being visible and take you on the path toward fulfilling your vision. 

Einstein has said that time is an illusion. If you start with how you want to feel at the end, your brain cannot comprehend that it's not actually happening so it will actually modify itself to accommodate this new state of being. This is how you can bring your future into your present!

Try it first for something small like how you want to feel at the end of the day and watch what happens!

You can find this painting here:

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