Unleash your inner artist with these 3 steps

I believe we all have an artist inside of us who desperately wants to come out and help us create the life of our dreams. I will give you three tools in this post to help this artist come out (and why you should).

First, a little backstory.

My whole life, I was told I was creative but I thought that people were being nice and chose that word instead of "weird". Then one day someone asked to write an article about my art. It made me wonder, maybe I am creative?

I mean in my first job out of college they did ask me to design fireworks - and they ended up on one of the most famous city landmark in the world (but that's another story). 

I was asked to oversee the completion of two national tv shows. 

And about a year ago, I decided to make Art the central part of my professional activity. So maybe, just maybe, I am creative. 

The truth is if I was not creative I would never have been given the professional opportunities I got, I would have settled for less than great in places to live, relationships, or lifestyle. I was very blessed as a child and encouraged in all creative outlets, including dancing, painting and filmmaking. I ended up going to one of the top film schools in the world and used my creativity in every position I have ever had, without worrying if my superiors liked it or not. This creativity has allowed me to build a successful international coaching business and much more. 

But how do you unleash this super power? 

By trusting yourself. Your inner artist is ready to lead you if you let it. And I know that trusting oneself is one of the most complex and sometimes scary process. It is a journey and I do not pretend it will be a short one but here are some things you can do to start.

Acknowledge Yourself

Acknowledge the times when you do trust yourself, like when you do something spontaneous. When you acknowledge yourself, you release the energy it takes to judge yourself. Every time you acknowledge yourself you stand a little taller and add some confidence to your tasks. Soon, you will start taking a different to route, cook a dish in a different way than you used to or even try a new restaurant. All of these actions will confirm what you started acknowledging and you will expand your horizons. 

Use Your Body

Move your body without any guidance: walk in any direction and feel the joy / excitement of the experience, move to music without following the beat, or do your self care routine in a different order. Your body loves to be free and to be creative, when you give it the space to do so. 

If you let your body guide you instead of the clock or the ways you should do it, it will show you new ways not only to feel good but also to maintain the good things. Don't be surprised if suddenly doing daily chores become fun or if the toxic people in your life disappear. Your body knows what it's doing. 

Start Playing

Take a pen and a paper, and scribble while listening to music, an audiobook or a podcast. Don't try to draw anything specific, let yourself wander. You will start noticing patterns or even maybe designs that you could not have drawn if you had wanted to. 

If you look in this painting I did called "Forgive the Interruption: you will notice really cool designs in the background in red. These are marks left by the ink I had put in at first that if I had wanted to create I really couldn't. But my body knew what it was doing when it dropped way more than what I needed :) 
The more you play, the more you tell your brain that it's ok to do something for no reason. In order to be creative, you need to let go of all reasoning and let your mind wander beyond the limits you have given yourself.
I have found that in order to want to explore I need a base to start from. I have used many of the classes taught at SKILLSHARE to move forward toward my own creativity. Go get inspired!



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