The Transformational Artist

5 Great Ways to Decorate With Abstract Art
Abstract art can spark so many emotions and feelings. The main beauty of this kind of art is that there is no singular way of interpreting it because abstract art looks different for each person. Beauty really is in the...
Appreciating Abstract Art in 2021
Abstract design is generally viewed by the public as nothing special, as it can look like a mess slapped onto a canvas or surface. Art gets plenty of flak because of how the most modern abstract art seems like it...
5 Benefits of Viewing and Owning Artwork: What to Know
Everyone has an aesthetic that appeals to them, and they can showcase this through art prints or paintings they display at home. Whether you're into abstract art paintings or photorealistic ones, putting up artworks on your house's walls can make...
Can creativity help you heal?
No matter where you live, you have probably experienced some kind of loss this year. You may have lost a loved one, a level of prosperity or just a way of living. Loss is so disorienting that we spend a...
Why abstract art?
Abstract art pushes the artist to be vulnerable so the viewer can have a visceral experience.
Unleash your inner artist with these 3 steps
Being creative means that you will be open to greater opportunities and have a more balanced life. Check out these 3 easy steps to unleash your inner artist!
Beyond The Window - When our mind is just too small
If we limit our perspective to what the mind can see, we will miss what the heart wants.
Start With The End In Mind
When you start with the end in mind new possibilities appear that you could not have seen before!
Who is Sophie Michèle and how does she paint?
Find out more about Sophie Michèle's story and process.