Why abstract art?

In my 20's I had a bad reaction to medicine for a broken hip. I started seeing shapes of colors talking to me (I had an LSD experience because of how I combined two different meds). 

I remember what my first reaction was: They (the shapes of colors) have so much to say to me! 

When I decided to explore being an artist I realized that abstract expressionist art was the kind of art I wanted to make. There was a certain freedom that came along with it that excited me. 

The secret behind powerful abstract art has nothing to do with the technique and everything to do with the intentions of the artist. If the artist was fully immersed in the experience, you will perceive their overall feeling.

Maybe it was the relief of not having to do anything right (there are no wrong way to paint abstract).

Maybe it was falling in love with the piece as they were painting it (and you WILL feel like you are either falling in love or completely loved when you see it). 

Maybe they wanted to experience something new, get out of their comfort zone, or simply let their mind wander.

Whatever it was that they were experiencing, if they were true to themselves in the moment you will feel it. You may not know why but there will be something about the piece that will make you feel joyful, excited, motivated or relaxed. The longer you look at the piece, the more you will experience this and integrate it in your life.  With abstract art, you do not need to know why, it will circumvent your logical mind and will appeal to your subconscious or your emotions. 

There are many reasons why abstract art will trigger these emotions for the viewer but the most notable is how personal abstract art is for the artist. It requires an internal search, a surrender to something greater than themselves. Through their art they capture that vulnerability and that is what allows so many people to connect to the piece. 

The longer you look at a piece the more you will discover something for yourself and about yourself that you wanted to know.   



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