5 Benefits of Viewing and Owning Artwork: What to Know

Everyone has an aesthetic that appeals to them, and they can showcase this through art prints or paintings they display at home. Whether you're into abstract art paintings or photorealistic ones, putting up artworks on your house's walls can make them pop, and art pieces are great conversation starters. However, that is not all that a piece of art does for its owner. Here are more perks you could get from viewing art.

It Enables You To De-Stress

Many people experience a large amount of stress daily, and one way to take a breather is to spend a few minutes viewing or creating art. There is plenty of research showing the benefits of art therapy, especially for people with chronic stress. Simply sitting down to view a piece of art will lower your heart rate and help you breathe easier.

It Helps Your Mental Health

Viewing or creating art also alleviates symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Though art appreciation on its own is not a substitute for being on a mental wellness program, it can help a person manage his symptoms.

It Encourages Critical Thinking

Research also shows that looking at art helps the brain. Since human brains love patterns and meaning-making, an artwork helps them exercise their thinking muscles and translate what they see into familiar forms. Furthermore, if someone develops an attachment to an image, it helps them gain more insights from it. You see this in play when you watch your favorite movie; each viewing reveals something new about the story, and your appreciation for it grows more profound.

Abstract paintings are best for encouraging critical thinking. Since they present information in a more oblique way than pictures in the realist mode, they help the brain work harder on links and associations.

It Is Simply Chemically Rewarding

We exhibit physiological responses (a rush of dopamine, a relaxed feeling) when looking at the face of people we love. Similarly, when we look at art, especially pieces with an emotional resonance with us, our bodies create those same responses. This response should be what you look at when you choose artwork for your home. Don't settle for good enough; pick one that truly speaks to your personality and preferences.

It Helps You Express Your Personality

Art collectors are people who appreciate the artistry and effort that goes into a piece of art. They tend to select pieces that reflect their personality because they see these artworks as reflections of their identity. Collectors and home decorators tend to choose abstract art paintings since it is thought-provoking and more likely to stimulate conversation. 

The interpretation of an abstract art piece also tends to vary from one person to another. A single person might even have multiple interpretations of the piece, depending on how much he has changed. Your abstract artwork can stay with you for many years. It can stay even after you had shifted away from the beliefs and preferences you had when you bought it.

Challenge Yourself!

There are various benefits to hanging art on your walls, from the aesthetic to the medical, and those who incorporate art in their life tend to be more sensitive and spiritual people. If you want to decorate your personal space, hang a couple of abstract art paintings. Abstract art challenges people's views about beauty and asks them to think about things at a conceptual level.

Sophie Michèle is The Transformational Artist. She is in California and specializes in abstract canvas wall art, and her works feature bold, vibrant brushstrokes in organic shapes, the perfect focal point for any room. Browse her catalog or contact her team today for inquiries.

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