Hopeful Peace - Wood Board - 10 by 10 inches

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Peace is looking at the fog in the morning and knowing that once it lifts I will see something much greater than anything I could have experienced before.

Peace doesn’t exist without hope for hope is the one thing required before we can let go. And if we don’t let go we can not have peace. Circle closed 😀

Acrylic on Wood. 10x10 inches with a 1 inch painted border. 

What's a message from God?

Sophie Michèle wants you to know

Each piece of art you will receive from this work will be accompanied by a message that Sophie Michèle will receive for you. These messages are life affirming, encouraging and they relate to the painting you have chosen. When you purchase a piece from Sophie Michèle, you don't just embellish your home or office, you also bring the Divine into your space.