Beyond The Window - When our mind is just too small

Our minds are wonderful tools that our spirit uses to organize data. Our mind computes, calculates, analyzes and processes. It gives information to our spirit but it does not dictate it. 

Our minds are like windows to the outside world. They give us a frame and prevent us from seeing what is outside of this frame. If we spend some time leaving our mind behind we start seeing things that are outside of that frame. 

We start seeing opportunities that we have been asking for.

We meet people who can open doors. 

We feel at peace, suddenly seeing things that make us happy. 

It's not that the mind does not want us to be happy, it's more that it does not know what being happy mean. 

How do we leave the mind behind?

I have described a few ways to do so in this video:

You can:

- Get into your body: move it, feel it, listen to it.

- Stay in the present moment. 

- Do what makes you happy, especially if they have no reason.

- Acknowledge your mind. Write down what it says.

- Speak with power. 


The piece I associate with the experience of getting out of the window of the mind is this one:



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